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hpshippersunite's Journal

The Harry Potter Shippers' Haven
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All Members , Moderated
This community is intended for the benefit of all Harry Potter shippers, both slash and het. This includes incestships. The aim was to create a place where all ships could be discussed in peace, in the hope of fostering understanding and going some way to ending ship-wars. Idealistic, perhaps, but I'm willing to try.

Members can also post their fics, although LJ-cuts should be used for anything longer than a drabble, and for anything R or NC-17.

No flaming will be tolerated here. Repeat offenders will be warned, then suspended, and finally banned. However, the moderator is only human, so if members spot flaming going on, she asks you to report it using the e-mail address given above.
bill/charlie, bill/fleur, bill/ginny, bill/harry, bill/narcissa, blaise/ron, cedric/cho, charlie/cho, charlie/ginny, charlie/harry, cho/hermione, colin/ginny, dean/ginny, dean/hermione, dennis/gabrielle, draco/blaise, draco/cho, draco/ginny, draco/hermione, draco/pansy, draco/parvati, draco/seamus, dudley/fleur, dudley/ginny, dumbledore/mcgonagall, fleur/cho, fleur/ginny, fred/angelina, fred/george, george/katie, ginny/cho, ginny/neville, harry/cho, harry/draco, harry/ginny, harry/hermione/draco, harry/lisa, harry/narcissa, harry/pansy, harry/parvati, harry/ron, harry/ron/hermione, harry/seamus, harry/sirius, hermione/ginny, hermione/harry, hermione/ron, james/lucius, james/remus, james/sirius, justin/seamus, lily/james, lily/lucius, lily/narcissa, lily/remus, lucius/draco, lucius/gilderoy, lucius/ginny, lucius/harry, lucius/hermione, lucius/molly, lucius/narcissa, lucius/remus, lucius/severus, lucius/sirius, marcus/katie, marcus/percy, mcgonagall/hooch, minerva/hermione, neville/draco, neville/lavender, oliver/cho, oliver/ginny, oliver/harry, oliver/katie, oliver/marcus, oliver/percy, padma/lavender, pansy/ginny, pansy/hermione, percy/hermione, percy/katie, percy/lavender, percy/penny, remus/draco, remus/harry, remus/hermione, roger/cho, ron/draco, ron/eloise, ron/ginny, ron/lavender, ron/padma, ron/pansy, ron/seamus, seamus/dean, seamus/hermione, severus/draco, severus/harry, severus/hermione, severus/james, severus/narcissa, severus/remus, severus/sirius, sirius/draco, sirius/hermione, sirius/narcissa, sirius/remus, snape/lockhart, snape/mcgonagall, snape/sinistra, terry/padma, tom/draco, tom/ginny, tom/harry, tom/hermione, tom/lucius, tom/minerva, tom/percy, viktor/hermione