a good time (muse_misery) wrote in hpshippersunite,
a good time

Harry/Pansy shipping community

Hey Guys,

Okay, so, the other night while perusing the internet looking for a good Pansy/Harry fic, I became annoyingly, infuriatingly, frustratingly EXASPERATED with the lack of orginasation in this ship. As well as the lack of activity in the small, few, sparse communities I did find.

(Not to say there aren’t ANY great H/P communities. Not to say that at all.)

So, I’ve created unimaginableluv

In short, this is the place to go for all things Harry/Pansy. Notify the fandom of your fic updates, be updated on your favourites, post graphics, rec your personal favourites … anything your heart desires.

Also, we will be having what I think may be the first real Harry/Pansy fic-exchange, very, very shortly. Eventually, this will become the main focus of the community. So if you’d be interested in writing a fic based on a prompt and receiving one of your own, join now and sign up when it launches.
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